With the creation and development of the Museum of Contemporary Art in Caracas, the contributions of Sofía Imber skip the scales. In 1972, when she was summoned by the Simon Bolivar Center for the operation of an "exhibition space", she was determined to provide Venezuela with a museum institution of the same quality level as the best art museums on the planet. With the creation of the Museum, the institutional vision in the country was changed. This meant working for culture as never before in Venezuela. The Sofia Museum became an open museum paradigm, a pioneer in social programs, linking the institution with participatory communities.



The MACSI Collection
The MACSI Collection Section

The MACSI Collection is legendary, its edges of meaning, infinite possible readings, behavior, relationships between the works and their quality make it an inexhaustible process and, also, different from the collections of normal museums. Her development -responsibility of Sofía Imber- was assumed from the first moment as a creative act, an open work that did not depend on the canonical classifications of movements, styles and periods, but on the importance, quality and value of each piece. which allowed an incessant dynamism in the relations between the works. Sofia was able to go to the artwork, hitting the selection thanks to her sharp eye and a devouring vision of the best. More than attending to chronological movements or styles, its growth obeyed the criterion of piece by piece.